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  Duration:3.5 months
  Effort:Three modules a day

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Program Description

The Aerospace Structures Technician Career Program prepares you for an entry-level position building airplanes and other aerospace products.


This program was developed with input from industry partners to ensure that aerospace structures technicians have a deep knowledge and mastery of the aircraft structures manufacturing processes.


Aerospace structures technicians assemble, fit, fasten, and install parts of airplanes, space vehicles, or missiles, such as tails, wings, fuselage, bulkheads, stabilizers, landing gear, rigging and control equipment, or heating and ventilating systems.

Income Opportunity

Many aerospace manufacturers are reporting that over 50 percent of their current employees are eligible to retire, making this a great time to enter the profession.


Salaries for aerospace structures technicians ranges from $32,460 to $78,150*


*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. May 2016.

O*NET job code: 51-2011.00

Hiring Industries

-       Air Transport

-       Aircraft and parts manufacturing

-       Guided missiles, space vehicles, and parts

-       Satellite communications

-       Search, detection and navigation guidance

-       Space research and technology

In this Career Program, you learn:

·       Study skills

·       Aerospace manufacturing skills

·       Math skills

·       Safety skills

·       Engineering drawing skills

·       Measurement tools skills

·       Fasteners skills

·       Power tools skills

·       Cutting tools skills

·       Composites manufacturing skills

·       Electrical skills

·       Career building skills

Program Outcomes 

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